Custom Lanyards: The Many Options Available for Interested Buyers February 9, 2016

The regular lanyards that people like to use with their IDs and mobile phones can now be customized to come in various designs and styles. Consumers no longer have to be content with the very few prints available in most stores because with custom lanyards, you can have your own name printed on them and even the name of your school or organization. You can have them in any color you like and if you intend to give it as a gift, you may have it styled to match the recipient’s personality.

When ordering custom lanyards, here are the options available to you.


LanyardsSome of the materials used for the lanyard cord are nylon, polyester, cotton, and even plastic. If you want lanyards that are comfortable to wear, cotton will be a good choice, although, polyester twill feels like cotton too and it is very durable as well. Ask the seller or manufacturer for samples of these fabrics and materials so that you can assess them yourself. Feel them between your fingers or try putting them around your neck so you will know which feels better.

Width and Length

The length of the lanyard will depend on who will be wearing it. If it is for young primary grade students, for instance, avoid ordering custom lanyards that are designed for adults or the cord will be dangling down their waists. The width, on the other hand, will be a personal choice dependent in part on the design that you want to be printed on it. Most suppliers can produce lanyards with widths ranging from 10mm to 25mm.

Printing Styles

There are many ways to print the design on the lanyard. Your choices, however, will also be dependent on the type of fabric that you chose, as not all printing methods are applicable to some. The available printing methods are dye sublimation, silk screen, or it can be woven in. With dye sublimation, the print is transferred on the surface of the lanyard using pressure and heat. In doing so, the print or design is transferred into the material and not just slightly stamped on the surface. This makes the prints last longer. Dye sublimation also makes it possible to print both surfaces of a blank lanyard. For woven-in method, the design is integrated to the fabric as it is woven, therefore, making it a part of the material. As a result, the designs are really going to stay in place. Of course, different methods come with different prices, so consider that too when making your decisions.

Design Ideas

For the design, it will normally depend on the purpose for which the custom lanyards will be used. If it is for schools, then it just follows that the name of the school will be printed on it, although, you may opt to add some images as well, like the emblem of your school. If it is to be given away as a gift to your colleagues, then you can practically choose any design that you think would aptly convey your message or describe the occasion. Most providers have an in-house design team so you can always brainstorm with them concerning design, colors, and styles.

Hook Attachments and Release options

The hardware attachment will depend on what items will be connected to the lanyard. Hooks, claws, key ring, retractable reel, Velcro, buckles, and mobile phone loops are just some of the choices. One thing you may consider though is to add a breakaway clasp so that in case the lanyard becomes entangled on a moving object, you can easily release the clasp and avoid being choked.

When all of these options are decided on, you can proceed at ordering your lanyards and just wait for them to be delivered. The steps, as you can see, are fairly easy, but for fast transactions, it will always be better if you approach the seller with a concept in mind so that you can spend lesser time on brainstorming the design and style of your lanyards.


Custom lanyardsThe structure, commonly depend on the idea which is the actual custom made lanyards will probably be applied.


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Want Effective Marketing Strategy? Think Out of the Box with Digital Sign Software January 15, 2016

EffectiveMarketingStrategyIn order to succeed in the business world, effective marketing strategies are as essential as having the right product. If you want to stay on top of the game, then you need to shell out more money on marketing than the actual product, which can really affect your revenue.
However, did you know that there is an option that is not just reliable, but also cost-effective? Digital signs are getting popular nowadays because of their ability to draw possible clients and increase sales. Gone are the days when you need to hire someone with technical expertise to enjoy the benefits of this powerful marketing tool. Now you can have it by just using digital sign software.

Are you still having second thoughts about it? Here are some reasons why using digital signage would be one of the best decision you will ever make:

•    It draws attention. According to studies, digital signs get 10 times more reception than traditional still signage. That is ten times more opportunity to sell your product on your target niche using real-time videos that are not just entertaining, but informative as well.

•    It enhances customer experience. Digital signage offers interactive gist that touches the clients on a deeper level. By doing so, you can influence the purchasing decision of potential customers.

•    Informing everyone about your new product or latest sale can be costly, time-consuming and may not reach the target market. However, by using digital sign software, you can let anyone know about the fabulous collection of goods on your rack in a fraction of cost.

•    Say goodbye to the days of waiting for your billboards to be raised, leaflets to be printed, and posters to be set. With digital signs, all you have to do is get your computer and you are ready to do all the necessary adjustments.

•    Ever wonder why your campaigns do not seem to work? Digital sign software can measure the impact of the campaign on the audience. By doing so, you will have an idea on possible ROI on each promotion.

•    Digital sign software offers a centralized system that is very useful in increasing employee efficiency by posting quotas, product information, performance metrics and more. You can also run your signs remotely that can score you major savings.

•    Many digital signage software are user-friendly and are useful for anyone who has basic computer skills.

Any type of business can benefit from this tool. It can amp up sales on any retail store. Churches can announce the latest activities on their parishioners in a more interactive way. Schools and universities can publicize the latest happenings around the campus. Other businesses and institutions such as hotels, recreation facilities, government, airports, real estate, museums, fitness and health clubs, banks, automotive dealerships, restaurants, bars, credit unions, museums, theaters and hospitals can also enjoy the perks of digital signs.

If you are running an event, then you can add pizzazz on the occasion and make it a memorable one. It is also perfect for conferences, weddings, trade shows, and even wedding proposals. Creating an effective marketing campaign could be very challenging. However, with new technology that is continuously showing up, having a kick-ass promotion is no longer a dream.

Digital sign software offers a wide range of sophisticated templates that are highly customizable. You can create slideshows, add videos and entice the audience with great music. Social media can also play a part on your campaign by adding Twitter feeds, RSS tickers and bulletins on your digital signage. These are some of the impressive ideas you can do with great software. Now, the possibilities of making a great campaign are endless.

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